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The wonderful brothers - vlad and Niki 


Vlad and Nikita are a YouTube channel featuring two brothers and sometimes their mother as they pretend to play, travel, or engage in other activities in Dubai. Vlad, Nikita, and their parents (Vashketova) run 15 YouTube channels about Vlad and Nikita in 11 languages. As of January 2020, channels have more than 69 million subscribers and over 24 billion views in the total main channel have 46.6 million subscribers and over 25 billion views, making it the 13th most subscribed YouTube personality channel in the world.

Vlad rides on Nikita's children's car. Nikita wants to take his car, but Vlad does not give it. Nikita turns a big car into a toy. Mom helps children to share their toy cars.

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Vlad and Mommy take a rest at sea

Vlad and Nikita together with their mother play on the sea. Children help to pull a toy out of the sand.

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Ryan's World

Ryan's World (formerly Ryan ToysReview) is a children's YouTube channel featuring Ryan Kaji, who is nine years old as of June 2020, along with his mother (Loann Kaji), father (Shion Kaji), and twin sisters (Emma and Kate).

he channel usually releases a new video every day. One of the channel's videos, titled as "Huge Eggs Surprise Toys Challenge" has over 2.0 billion views as of June 2020, making it one of the 60 most viewed videos on YouTube. As of June 2020, the channel has over 25 million subscribers, and its videos have garnered over 30 billion views. The channel is one of the Top 100 most-subscribed YouTube channels in the United States.

Thomas and Friends GIANT BALL PITS with Egg Surprise Toys

Thomas and Friends Giant Ball Pits with Inflatable Toy Alligator! Ryan from Ryan ToysReview and his family had a family fun time playing with so many color balls! Ryan did a Surprise Toy Challenge to find the egg surprise! Inside the Egg Surprise was A Hot Wheels Mystery Model! It comes with a toy diecast car and matching sticker!

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