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Reviewing L.O.L. Surprise - Big surprise

The hottest Christmas gift for 2020 is definitely the LOL Surprise Big Surprise.

The LOL Surprise Big Surprise package is amazing and fun to unbox as everything else in the LOL Surprise family. It contains a staggering 50 surprises, all neatly contained in a package that converts from a purse or carrying case into a bowl or spa for your LOL Surprise dolls.

Each ball contains:

10 balls, each containing a special accessory

5 LOL Surprise Charm Fizzes, each one with a sticker, a ring tattoo, and a special LOL Surprise charm inside the Fizz

2 ultra-rare big sister dolls

2 ultra-rare Lil sister dolls

A code that allows you to go online and potentially win another prize from LOLSurprise.com

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