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10 Tips for Choosing Toys

Give a kid a new toy any toy and the chances are, you've got a happy kid.

But! How do you choose which gifts are right for your child?

So Many Toys, So Little Time:

Play is children’s work, and toys are their tools. From a baby’s first attempts to grab a rattle to a teen’s mastery of the intricacies of a computer game, children learn reasoning, concentration, and motor, social, and language skills from toys. Toys can enhance curiosity and teach a child to make wise choices.

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Choosing Toys for Your Child

In choosing toys for your child ask yourself:

1. What will it teach my child? 2. Will it hold my child’s attention? 3. Is it safe? 4. Is it annoying for me to see or hear? 5. Does it promote creativity, social interaction? 6. Is it non-combative, non-aggressive? 7. Does it foster hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills? 8. Can it be enjoyed by both genders? 9. How many senses does it stimulate? 10. Will I enjoy playing with this toy?

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